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 TwinCites Tutoring is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, dedicated to improving the academic performance of immigrant and low-income students throughout the community. Year round and seven days a week, we bring top-quality supplemental educational services to dozens of students from all grade levels. Our mission is to train the children of non-native speakers in the English language arts, to raise their grades and test scores in all school subjects, and prepare them for each new challenge as they progress through their academic careers. Over the past five years, TwinCities Tutoring has helped hundreds of young adults from all corners of the globe improve their English language skills and prepare for success after high school. Our students come from India, China, Eastern Europe, Central and South America, the Middle East and East Africa. Most arrive with a limited knowledge of English, but are able to receive the help they need and develop their skills with our guidance.

What We Do: We match smart, passionate volunteers with students of all ages and ability levels from our extensive network of client families. Tutoring is done on a group and individual basis with all tutoring materials provided. We tutor all subjects and grade levels, from early childhood literacy to advanced writing and mathematics. Please see Our Programs for more information.

History: In 2010-11, we were tutoring primarily foreign exchange students and business professionals looking to improve their writing skills. At the same time we were helping a dozen neighborhood Somali kids twice a week. In 2012, word began to spread in the Somali community; at-home family tutoring quickly became a full-time occupation. With constant support and encouragement from a core group of families, we began piecing together a company that could help an ever growing client base. In June of 2013, we incorporated as TwinCities Tutoring and filed for non-profit status. Since its founding, TwinCities Tutoring has helped more than 700 K-12 students and countless adults. We are grateful to all the many families that have built the company with us.

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