Our Mission

We bring free supplemental education services to immigrant and low-income communities throughout Minneapolis, tutoring all grades and all subjects.

Human Development

Among Students coming to us for the first time, only 33% test proficient in reading and only 35% test proficient in math. With just 40-50 hours of intensive tutoring, we can raise the grades and test scores of under-performing students by 30%, helping students pass their courses and spring assessments, sometimes for the very first time.

Teaching Kids to Teach Themselves

Our goal is to increase learning independence by providing students with learning tools, not answers; we teach our students not what to think, but how to think. We work on improving our students’ confidence in their own abilities and thereby their self-reliance too; better school grades and test scores result from our students becoming fully independent and self-motivated learners.

Learning, “an Emergent Phenomenon”

To that end, we teach our children what recent TED Talk winner Sugata Mitra has said of the learning process: “Education is a self-organizing system, where learning is an emergent phenomenon.” Our students are taught to take responsibility for their educations rather than wait for a tutor’s instruction and assistance. This is especially important where teachers and resources are limited.

What Students Get

Students receive one to two sessions each week, depending on their needs, with each session lasting usually two hours. Students 3rd grade and lower receive shorter sessions and are assigned less homework. Each student receives free access to our suite of e-learning courses from Edmentum: ReadingEggs for PreK-2nd, Study Island for 3rd-8th, and The Island for 9th-12th graders. College and ABE learners or other writing students have access to nine leveled writing programs, also from Edmentum.

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